The Values Clarification class is a court ordered educational group that is offered to first time misdemeanor offenders. The class is an 8 hour class offered over the course of four weeks. The purpose of this class is to provide first time offenders with an opportunity to examine and evaluate their values, behaviors, and beliefs that led to their offense, while exploring alternate behaviors and beliefs that may produce healthy choices.

The following topics are discussed during the course of this four week class:

  • Values, Ethics, Morals, & Integrity
  • Motivations & Rationalizations for Shoplifting
  • Ethical Decision Making Principles
  • Ethics & Self-Esteem
  • Personal Costs
  • Making Healthy Choices

Program Fees and Schedule

Each participant in the Values Clarification Program will be required to attend and pay for a one time evaluation prior to being accepted into the program. The required evaluation is scheduled by appointment and the fee for this evaluation is $25. Four classes are required over the course of four weeks and classes are $40 per class. Please note that classes are currently held at this office on Thursdays from 4pm-6pm. Payment is accepted in the form of cash, money order, or cashier’s check.

Please contact the office of Nikiya Spence at 770-638-7145 or email to schedule your registration. Please note that you are required to register prior to starting the class.

Download the Values Clarification Contract