What is Money Coaching?

money-coaching002 Money Coaching is a step by step process that can be used to transform your relationship with money. It uncovers unconscious beliefs and negative patterns that often lead to stress, anxiety, fear, and financial sabotage.

This process of discovery can lead to more awareness around how  to stop sabotaging your financial potential, while also providing you with practical tools around eliminating debt and maintaining a level of financial security.

Benefits of Hiring a Money Coach

  • Co creative relationship that is supportive, yet structured enough to hold you accountable so that you get the results you desire
  • Receive a clear and detailed action plan
  • Work with someone that has been professionally trained to assist you in uncovering the unconscious beliefs and patterns that have blocked the flow of money into your life while also giving you practical guidance.

money-coaching001As Your Money Coach, I Will:

  • Help you gain a deeper level of understanding around your recurring money patterns
  • Teach you practical tools to use in your everyday life
  • Help you understand how to break your negative cycle around money
  • Empower you to recognize your strengths and abilities so that you can develop an Action Plan
  • Teach you how to identify your key “Money Types”
  • Teach you how to get out of debt and stay out of debt
  • Teach you how to be at peace with your finances regardless of your income
  • Assist you with developing healthy lifestyle changes that will transform your financial situation and financial future.

Through Money Coaching you will:

  • Learn to shift your mindset, patterns and beliefs around money
  • Develop healthier habits around money
  • Change your outlook
  • Gain focus and insight
  • Become more balanced emotionally and financially so that you can make conscious financial decisions
  • Start eliminating debt
  • Start saving and investing for your future
  • Experience financial peace

Services Offered

Individual Money Coaching

Individual Money Coaching sessions can be conducted in person or by phone.  A minimum four session commitment is recommended in order to complete the initial core process.  Once the initial four step core process has been completed, clients are encouraged to continue to work with your Money Coach weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to continue to implement and monitor the changes desired.

money-coaching003Couples Money Coaching

The lack of healthy communication patterns around money often lead to relationship strain.  The inability to establish a healthy relationship around money has been shown to be one of the contributing factors to divorce. Couples who participate in money coaching together can learn to understand how money has been affecting their relationships by gaining clarity around what each is bringing into the relationship psychologically and emotionally. Couples learn how to communicate around money and work together to develop a plan to neutralize conflict and tension around money issues.

Money Coaching for couples consists of four core sessions as a couple and one session with each person separately for a total of eight sessions. These sessions can be done in person or by phone.

Money Coaching Circles

Participating in a money coaching circle can be a powerful 8 week journey into understanding your money history on a deeper level. This group is a lower cost alternative to individual coaching. You will learn how to identify your core money patterns and beliefs and change your habits that interfere with your growth.


“Nikiya Spence, LCSW and Money Coach came into my life at a time when I was losing an established 15-year business. I was overwhelmed, frustrated and incapable of making a decision. My fear was stopping me from moving forward and I knew time was running out. Mrs. Spence helped me to explore the root cause of my fears.”

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