Why Not Invest In Your Relationship?

Reap The Benefit Of Having A Long And Happy Relationship.


A healthy relationship can be extremely rewarding! The reality that many of us face, however, is that relationships have to be nurtured. If you have come to a point in your relationship in which you are in need of additional support to get back on track, couples counseling may be beneficial.

Through couples counseling, I can help you and your partner:

  • Learn healthy and effective ways to communicate and solve challenging problems
  • Learn how to compromise and negotiate through conflictual issues
  • Build on relationship strengths and identify areas of growth
  • Work through issues with emotional and physical intimacy
  • Learn effective ways to communicate about finances and develop a healthy financial plan
  • Work toward rebuilding trust after infidelity
  • Release past unresolved issues that keep getting in the way of you two moving forward

How I work with couples to help them strengthen their relationship

The initial phase of counseling consists of meeting with you as a couple together to assess your concerns, obtain relevant history, explore your strengths as a couple and identify potential areas of growth.  The assessment phase continues with requesting that each individual come in one additional time separately to continue with the assessment process so that more time and attention is spent on gaining understanding around each individual’s perspective and history as it relates to the relationship. The individual assessment gives your clinician more time to go more in depth into family history and past experiences that may shape one’s current perspective in the relationship. The third session is considered the feedback and planning session. Feedback is revealed and a more structured plan is generally outlined during this session. Please note, that although the assessment phase can be a lengthy process, work on the relationship begins on day one of therapy as homework is suggested at the end of the first appointment.